www.smugmug.com_photos_i-nh4zpj2_0_s_i-nh4zpj2-s.jpgGerbils are our family pets (we have allergies to the typical family pets, but for us gerbils are allergen-free). When our kids were young, Grandpa gave them each some money for Christmas. We went together to the local pet store and used it to get our first pair of gerbils.

Since then we have always had at least one pair of gerbils but never again from a pet store. To get our second pair, we took a trip (almost a 5 hour drive each way) to visit a breeder in Virginia and brought home the two friendliest gerbils we had ever encountered. We learned that gerbils would purr, and that biting was not a normal part of having gerbils. And one of those lived with us for over four years!

When raising gerbils, we want healthy, hand-friendly, good-tempered gerbils. Health and temperament are more important than specific colors (but don't worry, any gerbil that is cared for is unavoidably cute). And gerbils in our home are held or have some kind of human contact several times a day by at least one or two of us - just because we think they're awesome.

Availability Update:

We do not have any gerbils available for adoption. We also do not currently have any gerbils actively breeding, so there are no pups on the near horizon for us at the moment.


Fiddle and Coco's First Litter was born Friday, October 11, 2013.
Fiddle and Coco's Second Litter was born Sunday, November 17, 2013.